Intro to Reiki

The Power of Energy Healing

Reiki is a long practiced relaxation technique based in Japanese culture. The technique, spiritual in nature but not religion-based, is designed to relieve stress and stress related symptoms, as well as to promote healing by stimulating the flow of energy within the body. In Reiki tradition, it is believed that when energy is allowed to stagnate in the body, it creates an environment ripe for illness and disease.

Reiki involves either light touch or specific hand movement just over the body to help increase the flow of energy to help maintain overall wellness, to reduce the side effects of medical treatments and medications, as well as to reduce the symptoms resulting from disease and illness.

Additionally, Reiki is used to help treat pain from injury, anxiety, and depression.

Please join me for Intro to Reiki, on Wednesday, December 2nd and 7:00 pm CST, to find out in what ways you can benefit from the practice of Reiki.

What to Expect

Holistic treatments, such as Reiki, are based on the belief that the general health of the body is based on the body’s ability to maintain balance, also known as homeostasis. A balanced body is better equipped to handle stress, which is considered one of the leading causes of many diseases and illnesses.

With the help of video demonstrations, I will be offering a thorough explanation of the Reiki experience from a person receiving Reiki to someone practicing it.

During this Facebook class, I will be discussing the healing benefits of Reiki, as well as providing information as to what one can expect during and after Reiki treatments.

Guests will leave with a better understanding of how Reiki works to help the body accelerate healing, cleanse toxins, balance the flow of energy, and to help the client discover the healer within themselves.

Hosted by:

Becki Baumgartner

Benefits of Coming

While Reiki does not claim to heal or diagnose disease and illness, it is a great practice to be employed in conjunction with other treatments to care for and treat the side effects and symptoms of disease and illness, as well as being a great way to maintain overall health and wellness.

By attending this Facebook class, guests will develop a thorough understanding of Reiki practices, including the benefits, the techniques, and the purpose.

Whether used as a support system for existing concerns, or for maintenance, the knowledge of how Reiki works, and the fact that it is open for everyone to benefit from will hopefully leave guests feeling educated and curious about giving Reiki a try to see how it can benefit them.

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Wednesday, December 2nd At 7:00 pm CST!