Yoga 101

Are You Curious About Yoga?

If you’re thinking about taking a class, have already taken a few and want to learn more, or simply just wondering what the hype surrounding yoga and meditation these days is really all about, then I have just the solution for you!

My Facebook Class (Yoga 101 on Tuesday, July 6th at 6:00 pm CDT) will explain the basics of yoga and its relevance in today’s society, and I’d LOVE if you could join me!

Learn how both our physical strength and our mental health can improve significantly by introducing yoga into our lives.

I’ll also be breaking down the most popular styles of yoga and exactly what they entail for anyone curious about other schools of yoga or anyone who’s just completely baffled as to where to begin!

Did You Know?

There are 300 million people who practice yoga worldwide (according to the International Yoga Federation), and that number is steadily rising.

This number equates to about 4% of the world’s entire population, which on a less inspiring note means that globally the benefits of yoga are only being felt by a small minority of people in the corners of each society.

Imagine what could happen if everyone could feel this way? I want to help you experience the benefits of this amazing practice, help you feel your best and gain confidence, health, and inspiration!

Here are just SOME of the amazing benefits those who practice yoga regularly experience:
-Improved cognitive function
-Stronger muscles
-Improved circulation
-Decreased anxiety and depression
-Improved productivity
-More energy
-Toned muscle
-Happier disposition

I’ll also be providing you with amazing online resources and access to beginners classes to enable you to start your journey which also might help you to gain confidence before stepping into a public class.

If you feel that you (or someone you love) deserves to learn more about how to begin your yoga journey, my Facebook Class Yoga 101 will take place on Tuesday, July 6th at 6:00 pm CDT and I would LOVE to meet you there!

Hosted by:

Becki Baumgartner

My Motivation??

Like many others, I experienced a massive shift in my mindset when I began practicing yoga regularly. Things became lighter, easier, less daunting and I gained confidence, physical and mental strength, and above all - clarity!

I genuinely believe that the lifestyle that yoga presents us with is something that everybody should be exposed to, and if everyone functioned at their optimum level of productivity and creativity then, IMAGINE where the world could be in a few years?

Start your yoga journey today by signing up for Yoga 101...

I Am So Excited To Share With You On Tuesday, July 6th At 6:00 pm CDT