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Don’t Let Your Brilliant Ideas Get Stuck in Your Mind!

If you had to describe the most successful global businesses in the world, what words would you use? For many, adjectives like “innovative” and “creative” pop up. Why? Because companies that promote creativity are generally more successful.

In today’s market, a successful business must operate in a manner that challenges and disrupts; otherwise, they will be disrupted. But having a team of “creative thinkers” isn’t enough. You must also be able to turn that creativity into solutions that generate economic value.

For many people, creativity isn’t something that’s prioritized as part of their routine. For others, it’s challenging to get past the fear and uncertainty that comes alongside innovative thoughts and creative ideas. If you’ve ever had a great idea only to talk yourself down from it quickly, you don’t want to miss out on my Capitalize Your Creativity Email Series!

Why is Creativity Important?

For a long time, the world of business has ignored the importance of creative thinking, setting it on the back burner in favor of traits like logic and practicality. Finally, leaders in the business world are starting to realize that creative thinking is a beneficial asset, necessary for standing out from the crowd and pulling attention away from competitors. While traits like logic and productivity are undoubtedly important, we now know that creativity must be held up to those same standards to stoke innovation and create real change in any field.

Eighty-two percent of executives agree that companies benefit from creativity. However, 61 percent of those executives don’t actually see their companies as creative. So what’s causing the disconnect?

Unfortunately, many people don’t think of themselves as “creative” people. However, we’re all capable of engaging in creative thinking and implementing new ideas into our practices, as long as we become comfortable with the idea of changing our perception of what’s possible.

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Becki Baumgartner

Turn Your Thoughts into Action

Ideas don’t implement themselves! Great big ideas are fueled by creativity, and organized into reality through innovation. When you sign up for my Capitalize Your Creativity Email Series, you’ll learn about the importance of prioritizing creative thinking in your life, discover strategies for exercising that creativity, and explore potential roadblocks that can stand in your way from applying that innovation to your business.

My goal for this email series is to expand your understanding of how creativity can be implemented into your life so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that it has to offer.

If you’re feeling uninspired, stuck, or unhappy with the way that your business is operating, you likely need to engage in a bit more creativity, and this email series is the perfect first step to do just that!

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