Chocolate 101

The Timeline of Chocolate

Approximately 4,000 years ago, the cacao plant was discovered by the Olmec people of Southern Mexico. At this time, however, the cacao was not being processed to make the chocolate bars we know today. Instead, the beans were roasted, ground up, and mixed into a paste with spices to drink as a warm beverage.

While this may sound a lot like the present-day hot chocolate drink we know and love, there were no additives like sugar, caking agents, or powdered milk. Instead, the drink was very bitter and arguably not even enjoyable.

So why did they choose to consume this bitter and astringent drink? According to the Olmec people, cacao was the food of the gods. It was celebrated for its medicinal qualities and reserved for the people of higher social status, such as rulers, priests, and warriors.

About 2,500 years later, the Mayans discovered cacao and through trade, introduced it to the Aztecs, too. The Aztecs even began to use this as a form of currency!

Fast forward to the 1500s, and Spanish explorers discovered chocolate in the “New World.” These beans were, then, transported to Europe. Chocolate traveled throughout the continent, gradually increasing in popularity. Through its expansion, different variety and methods of preparation were being explored.

Going forward, the first box of chocolate candies was sold by John Cadbury in 1875.

As you can tell, chocolate has changed quite a bit throughout its history. Now with the plentiful varieties, brands, and sources, it is easy to misunderstand where chocolate can be beneficial to our health while still being aware of the issues with chocolate consumption.

Join me at Chocolate 101 to learn how the various types of chocolate differ from one another and the ways certain chocolate can boost your health!

The Bitter Truth

There are misconceptions on the effect of chocolate on our health. For some, chocolate is forbidden, while for others it is celebrated.

During Chocolate 101, you will learn the truth about chocolate and where it can best fit into your diet to amplify your health!

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Hosted by:

Becki Baumgartner

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